Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wedding pics coming soon...and blogging class...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ok, I have obviously been a TERRIBLE blogger! The past six months have been so exciting. So much wedding planning and now we are just 3 months away! My friend Kelly Schulz got engaged and is getting married next month in Huntington Beach. I can't wait to see her on her wedding day marrying Dustin- we finally got to meet and what a great guy. All of my best friends from college will be in town for the big day- so exciting! Can't wait to celebrate with everyone.

We had my Texas shower and Kelly's Texas shower on the same day- May 15th, 2010. What a blast! Here is a pic from Kelly's shower of everyone...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

August-December Update

Life With Kat and McKay has been picked up by! You can watch the NEW PILOT and episodes here:

My writing partner Courtney and I finished our first FEATURE SCRIPT! We are very excited and have gotten a lot of great feedback from our writer and producer friends. I'm excited to talk more about it this fun romantic comedy as soon as we hear back from our manager about our next step.

Had a callback yesterday for a HORMEL commercial. Originally read for the role of the "zen" office worker, but they switched it up and had me play a "sarcastic mom" role yesterday. Feel like it went great.

Oh and last but not least...I'm engaged! Jack proposed to me on August 6th, 2009 on the beach in Santa Monica. I'll be posting Engagement Photos soon, as our friend Sandra Payne gets them to us. She was amazing and we had a blast. Our date is September 25, 2010. Website to follow!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

March-ahem, July Update!

A couple of updates- the progress of my comedy troupe The Dame Squad and links to other webseries I've been shooting!

The Dame Squad
My comedy troupe/writing team and I have been busy at work! If you haven't seen our spoofs on the Real Housewives series, The Real Housewives of Spittula, Arkansas you can see them on our website: under Spittula! We wrote, produced and acted in
these shorts. Courtney and I are both from Texas and Heidi is from the Midwest (there are shocking similarities!) so we all had authentic sources of material. We had a blast shooting these.

For the past few months, our team has been focused on writing. We've had interest from a management company who's been succesful in selling screenplays and concepts to major studios such as Lionsgate, Newline and Disney. They are encouraging us to develop more writing samples. The gals and I are currently moving forward with an original concept that we are really excited about. Can't give too many details yet, but hopefully things will keep progressing and we'll be able to move into the next phase with this concept and company.


Life With Kat and McKay- I play Kat
When Mama's Boy McKay Dunn asks Daddy's Girl, Kat Steele, to marry him, they're deliriously happy...for about a minute. And then the uphill trudge to the altar begins as their circle of family and friends keeps putting roadblocks in their path. Will they make it? Tune in to find out...
Here's the link:
You can also watch on the production company's website:
We're on episode 6!

Heidi, Inc.- I play Series Regular Tina
We shot two episodes of this multi-camera comedy that's been described as "Friends meets Will and Grace". I got to play the 'moody' one which is always so much fun. Everyone in the cast and crew was so great to work with. Director Dan Egan, who was a staff writer on According to Jim, created the concept and was executive producer. Heidi (who is one of my writing partners) and I got to work together which was a blast. Someone pick up this show!!
Here's the link:

Vicariously- I play a recurring role as Suzy, the receptionist
This is a comedy webseries about a couple of guys- Evan and Nick- who are trying to get their reality show picked up by a network- it does- but the show has turned into something completely different than expected...
They are working on a youtube link, but for now it directs you to facebook: I'm briefly in epidsode one and will have some more scenes in the next few episodes.
The guys got Janeane Garafolo ( to guest star in a couple of episodes. I was in a couple of those so I got to meet her. She is one short chick! Gah, she's funny. She came up to me and said she thought we had met before and I was like, um, no I think I'd remember that. Interesting...!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 10-25

This past week I had auditions for the lead in Step Up 3-D, a series regular in a Comedy Central Pilot and a supporting role in a play at ICT Equity Theatre.
Whoah! How fun to play the lead in a movie like Step Up! I actually used to see Jenna Dewan, the lead of the 1st movie at dance competitions growing up in Texas. She was a couple years older than me but I always thought she was very talented and she did a great job dancing in the original. There's definitely great dancing in that movie. Casting associate was so nice and we chatted before the read which is always good to break the ice...

The Comedy Central pilot was actually a webseries before it got picked up by Comedy Central for 6 episodes. It's about some guy and his buddy and how he dates all these girls who don't know about each other. Anyway, it was a different audition bc the scenes are played directly to camera vs. reading off-camera with a reader. I had to look directly into the never see 'the guy' the entire series. It was fun and the associate was super friendly- another great office to get in front of.

I was SO nervous for that play audition! It was for the 'lost' play Mark Twain wrote- that was recently produced on Broadway. Very funny, very French-farce the breakdown said... I just haven't been in the theatre environment in awhile but the CD was so great and I had a really
great time in the room.

As far as The Doll Squad, tonight we're having a production meeting to go over some important details about our website. We've already shot and edited 2 episodes and are excited to start writing ep's 3 and 4 as well as launching the site next month!!

This past week I've also been able to set up a general meeting with a big commercial casting director through one of my friends. So excited to meet this CD! They cast a lot of national spots and she seems like a friendly gal... looking forward to getting the chance to chit chat.

Monday, March 9, 2009

This Weekend

I had this weekend off which was totally unexpected! Jack and I went down to Santa Monica, people watched on Main Street, and picnicked on the beach. I love this area. Lots of people walking around, low-key cafes and shops. We picnicked closer to where the beach meets Venice which brings a whole other vibe. The sound of steel drums in the background, seagulls trying to steal a bite of quesadilla and the view of 50+ sailboats drifting from the marina...a very relaxing day, even if a little chilly/windy. Plus a free parking spot right across from the boardwalk- can't beat that.

I've been approached to play the lead in a dance-themed indie film so it gave me some time to read over the script too . I like it so far and with it being another dancer role I'm starting to see a trend here! Love the fact that I may get to utilize dance in this film...makes me happy to look back on all of the hours spent in the studio growing up.

As for the Matt Damon feature audition - Adjustment Bureau- I feel like it went well. They were running really behind so I waited about an hour and 1/2 before I went in. That can do a lot to zap your energy but I did my best to keep walking around and stretching, etc. In the room, I did each scene once and she was great to read with. No need for dancing to be put on tape since I had my demo so that was that. Right before I left mentioned our mutual friend who wanted me to tell her hello. She was really happy to hear from her and I was happy to make the industry connection~

Had another film audition on Friday for a low budget indie. The CD has been an associate on features so it was good to get in front of her. Also dropped a HS to another CD in the same office who my agent has a great relationship with. Good things!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I've been really lucky to have been hooked up with an amazing acting coach here in LA. She works with working- as in 90% of the time working- actors. I don't fall into that category...yet. Thank God for her patience! :) She's helping me find freedom in the words- character out of black and white on a page and have fun doing it all. But man is it tough to just let go and have fun sometimes!

I have an audition tonight for a lead in a feature that I got word of four days ago. My agent pitched me on my dancing skills, since they want a real dancer. We have 8 pages of sides to read and they want to see some dancing, plus taking demos if we have them...thanks to Sandy and Perry helping me shoot it I do! The photo above is the still I'm using on the front of the DVD. Once I get a link to the video, I'll post it here. It's been a whirlwind of preparation but I can't get past how thankful I am just to be able to get in front of this casting office that casts major feature films.